Is it time to leave your job? Ask yourself these questions — and answer them honestly — to determine whether it’s time to make your next career move.

  • Is there still room to grow? See if you might reinvent your role to create new opportunities to learn. Work with your manager to take on new projects and responsibilities that can reinvigorate your work life.
  • Have I achieved what I set out to achieve? Reflect on your goals from when you started the job to see whether you still have something to aspire to there.
  • Am I looking for ways to avoid doing my job?Sometimes you need to power through distractions to get your work done. Other times, it’s necessary to take a temporary break to recharge — or a permanent break to find new work that sparks curiosity and anticipation, not avoidance.
  • Does my role no longer align with my values? If you find yourself doing and saying things in your professional life that you wouldn’t do or say in your personal life, you may be compromising your values. This is a clear sign that it’s time to go.
  • Has my workplace become toxic? Some signs include a lack of work-life balance, a culture of unhealthy competition, and managers who don’t value you as a full person. These conditions can be harmful to your physical and mental health.