There’s no “right” age at which to become an entrepreneur. Of course, having experience helps, but what matters more than age is your team, your idea, and your ability to advocate for yourself. So, first, assemble a team with a diverse set of skills. This might include mentors, advisors, or people who have experience growing companies from the ground up. Include someone who knows how to manage people, as well as someone with the technological skills needed for development and operations, and so forth. Next, identify a problem you’re truly passionate about solving. Find investors who are equally excited about addressing the pain points you care about, and convey your passion in a succinct, clear story to help rally others. And finally, be your own best advocate. If you do encounter age bias, or other forms of discrimination, be prepared to address those concerns head on by demonstrating your competence, confidence, and care. With the right idea, attitude, and people behind you, you can turn your idea into a reality — at any point in your career.