If you’re feeling burned out, it’s natural to assume that you need to lessen your workload. But research suggests that burnout isn’t always a function of too much work; it’s often the result of too little impact. Fortunately, you can increase the impact you have without adding more hours. First, invest in relationships that make you feel valued and psychologically safe, and avoid workplace politics and drama at all costs. They feel like a waste of time and just add to the exhaustion you feel. Next, look for ways to increase the level of challenge — not volume — of your daily workload. There is a strong correlation between being intellectually challenged and job satisfaction, so seek out projects with visible impact and a scope that will push you to stretch yourself and learn new skills. Finally, take on a leadership role on your team — either formally or informally. Where are there leadership vacuums in everyday moments? Who on your team seems to be in need of mentorship that you could possibly offer? Adopting this kind of responsibility could reenergize you when you’re feeling like your work isn’t leading to meaningful results.