Focus on Learning Your First 30 Days on the Job

When starting a new job, you want to focus your first month on finding out as much as you can about the organization, the people, and your role. This can start before you assume the new job by browsing the company website and talking with people who know the organization well, such as former employees. Soon after you begin the job, review detailed operating plans and performance data. Look through recent reviews for all of your direct reports. Meet with each of them one-on-one and ask about their view of the team and where it needs to go. While you’re taking in all of this information, be sure to develop hypotheses about what you need to get done and the best way to go about it. And of course, all of this learning will generate additional questions, so never stop asking them even when you’ve started to take action.

Source:Today's Management Tip was adapted fromHBR "The First 90 Days, Updated and Expanded".

Nick Kalikajaros 2019