If you cry in front of your colleagues, for whatever reason, there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Treat yourself with compassion: One moment doesn’t define you, and difficulties are a normal part of life. Next time, give yourself space. If you feel the waterworks coming on, ask to pause the conversation. Take a few minutes to compose yourself by stepping out of the room or turning your camera off. A quick change of scenery and a few deep breaths can often help diffuse your reaction. When you return, your instinct might be to apologize for being “overly emotional” or pretend it didn’t happen. Instead, acknowledge your reaction, and if you feel comfortable, explain where it’s coming from. We often cry when we’re caught off guard or feel overwhelmed. If you want to hold back your tears next time, try focusing on your breathing, stepping away for a moment, or taking a sip of ice-cold water. It’s human to have emotions, but what makes you a great leader is how you choose to respond and communicate when emotional reactions do arise.