When you’re a leader, leaving your job isn’t always straightforward. How you manage your departure will influence how your coworkers and organization remember you and either enhance or damage your reputation. Here’s how to set your team up for success before you move on to your next opportunity. Start by identifying your priorities. Be realistic about what you can accomplish and concentrate on issues where you really are the only person for the job. Then share these priorities with everyone — your boss, peers, and direct reports. At the same time, establish boundaries so you don’t get sucked into new crises and projects. Next, create a detailed transition plan for your boss that outlines what will need attention after you leave, and your recommendations for how to best get the work done. Finally, prepare your team — especially your successor if you know who they are — for your departure. Talk to your employees about what they hope to accomplish in the future and ask them to identify the stakeholders that are critical for their success. What can you do to reinforce these relationships and set them up to achieve their goals before you say goodbye?