There’s nothing worse than preparing for a job interview and then botching it. Maybe you flubbed a question, or all of them. Try not to worry — you can learn from the experience. Here’s how.

  • Debrief with yourself. After the interview, write down as many questions — and your answers — as you can remember. When were you most comfortable? Where exactly did you trip up? Reach out to friends and mentors in the industry to ask how they might’ve answered the harder questions.
  • Use your thank-you note to demonstrate self-awareness. You don’t need to apologize, but take the opportunity to clarify a confusing answer to an important question. And express your continued interest at the end of the note. Remember: You have nothing to lose.
  • Don’t assume it’s a done deal. Silence after the interview doesn’t mean you didn’t get the job — it could mean people are on vacation, other candidates are in play, or the business needs changed after the interview.
  • Focus on the next interview. Every interview is an opportunity to prepare for the next one. Continue your job search and use your reflections to diligently prepare.