Jobs don’t always end up being what you thought they would be. Maybe the role started out great but has fizzled since. Or you only took the job because it was the best option at the time. Whatever is making you feel “meh” about your current situation, know that you can make the most out of any job if you focus your energy on the opportunities it can provide. Here are three things you might be able to get out of a less-than-stellar gig.

  • Skill building. Consider ways you can turn your current job into a “curriculum” of growth that will help improve your career prospects in the future. For example, if you know your writing could use some improvement, pay attention to any well-written emails you receive from your colleagues and start practicing the styles that impress you most.
  • Relationship building. Sign up for any formal mentoring or networking programs offered by your organization to build your professional connections and expand your network. Even if you change industries in the future, you never know how your current contacts might be connected to people in other fields.
  • Personal growth. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves from imperfect situations than from seemingly ideal ones. Navigating through a not-great job can be a great way to increase your skills in agility, resilience, and resourcefulness. Take note of the lessons you’re learning along the way.