When you’re looking to fill an open position, and a former employee applies, it can feel like an easy answer. Hire them, right? They already know the company culture, the nuances of the business nuances, and the people. But defaulting to a “boomerang” employee may be a mistake. To assess the situation carefully and make the right choice, ask yourself these questions.

  • Does the boomerang bring the right skills and capabilities? Just because they had what it took before they left the company, doesn’t mean they’ll be equipped to meet today’s expectations. Carefully assess whether their current skills and experience match the job description.
  • Do I think this is the easiest option? You may think the boomerang doesn’t need much onboarding, especially if they’re returning to the same team. But companies, teams, and processes grow and change, and this employee deserves the same amount of ramp time as any new one.
  • Will I be able to retain them long term? There was a reason they originally left. Have an honest conversation about what they’re looking for, why this role could be fulfilling for them (where the other one wasn’t), and what it will take to keep them engaged.