When should I hire a CFO?

These red flags indicate a founder should hire a CFO soon:

✔You are the CEO, CFO, HR, VP Engineering and Operations and are getting about two hours of sleep each night.

✔You wake up in the middle of the night worried about cash flow and the financial health of your company because your books haven’t been closed in several months.

✔You’ll be raising a round of financing – either debt or equity – and potential investors have asked for financial information and you are not able to provide it to them easily.


Private companies could use the financial advice of a CFO to successfully scale.

And the CFO role doesn’t need to be full-time. On-Demand CFOs can provide a cost effective solution. A few hours per month of CFO time can add tremendous value and keep the company on track.

I set up a step-by-step financial road map to optimize your cash flow, increase your cash runway and get back on the path to sustainable growth and profitability.


I create a financial management system that:

✔Makes sure the right people are in place and trained so financial information is timely and accurate.
✔Optimizes cash inflows and outflows.
✔Provides a road map to short and long-term financial goals.
✔Tracks key performance indicators to measure progress towards goals.
✔Projects financial resources needed to fund company growth.
✔Helps you get the external financing – debt and/or equity – for much needed liquidity 





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