Take Care of Your Most Reliable People

Most people have someone they can count on when they need something done — and done right. But when you value someone's reliability, it's easy to overlook other strengths. Here are three ways to further develop your most dependable people:

Keep track of assignments. Make sure that you're not loading them up with extra tasks just because you know that they'll do them.

Reward them. Give them time to work on projects they value personally. The autonomy and appreciation strengthens their bond to the company and increases the chances they'll stick around.

Watch them closely. You know you can take the hands-off approach with conscientious employees, but closely observing their work will give them a chance to display their strengths.

Source: Harvard Business Publishing :Today's Management Tip was adapted from "The Hidden Skills in Your Most Reliable People" by Art Markman.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019