Reward Yourself for Doing the Tasks You Hate

Crossing something off your to-do list can be satisfying. But you may need extra motivation to get through the more dreaded tasks. Here's how to motivate yourself to accomplish those difficult projects:

Save the fun work. There are always aspects of a job you like more than others. Don't permit yourself to do the fun tasks until you've taken on the arduous ones.

Pay yourself. Set up an account — a savings account, a gift card, an iTunes account — and pay into it every time you complete an especially challenging project. Set different dollar amounts depending on the size and unpleasantness of the task.

Regenerate. Promise yourself a reward that recharges your body and brain. Meditate for 20 minutes or use your lunch hour to treat yourself to a yoga class.

Source: Harvard Business Publishing :Today's Management Tip was adapted from the Guide to Getting the Right Work Done.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019