Prepare to Answer Customers' Toughest Questions

No salesperson likes to take a hard question from a skeptical prospective customer. But since providing good answers is often the difference between winning and losing their business, it pays to get it right:

Clarify the question before answering it. Repeat it back in your own words or ask the customer to explain further. You don't want to address a question that wasn't even asked.

Provide an expert point of view. Your customer is more likely to trust a consultant who has intimate knowledge of the industry than an ordinary salesperson who simply understands how the product works. Show that you can apply your expertise to solve the customer's problems.

Stay calm. Demeanor speaks volumes. Regardless of the question, be confident and don't get defensive.

Source: Harvard Business Publishing : Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Strategies for Answering Your Customers' Toughest Questions" by Steve W. Martin.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019