New Job? Only Make the Sacrifices You Want To

Every job requires giving things up, such as working long hours or spending time away from family. It's important when considering a new job to know which compromises you're willing to make:

Learn what's really required. Ask the employer about hours and intensity. You may assume that a certain level of commitment is necessary when it actually isn't.

Set specific guidelines. Identify the boundaries that will help you determine when to say yes or no. For example, you might decide you will always attend important events at your kid's school, or work late on business trips to free up weekends.

Start a discussion. Based on the guidelines you've set, talk about hours, travel, and availability. Then listen to what your potential employer says. With this information in hand, you can decide whether you are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.

Source: Harvard Business Publishing : Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Set Boundaries on the Sacrifices You'll Make for Work" by Bill Barnett.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019