Grab Senior Executives' Attention When You Present

Senior leaders are among the toughest crowds. They're incredibly busy so they won't sit still for a long presentation with a big reveal at the end. Often they'll just interrupt before you finish. Here's how you can earn their support:

Summarize up front. Lead with all the information your audience really cares about — high-level findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Then move on to supporting data, subtleties, and other material. Place a short overview of key points at the front and use the rest of your slides as an appendix.

Set expectations. Let them know you'll spend the first few minutes on your summary and the rest of the time on discussion. Even the most impatient executives will be more likely to let you get through your main points uninterrupted if they know they'll get to ask questions soon.

Source:Today's Management Tip was adapted from "How to Present to Senior Executives" by Nancy Duarte.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019