Could You Be a Change Agent? Assess Your Internal Network

The difference between a leader who can successfully manage change and one who can’t is often the effectiveness of their networks. To find out if you’re connected in the right way, ask yourself these questions:

Do people come to me for work-related advice? When colleagues rely on you, it signals that they trust you and respect your competence, wisdom, and influence. The more they turn to you, the more central you are to the company network.

Are my network contacts connected to one another? This is advantageous because it leads to a cohesive network with high levels of trust and support. Information and ideas are corroborated through multiple channels, so it’s easier to coordinate the group.

Who in my network is ambivalent or strongly opposed to a proposed change? If it’s not obvious where your contacts stand, pay attention to how people behave; ask questions, both direct and indirect, to gauge their sentiments; and keep a mental record of your observations.

Source:Today's Management Tip was adapted from HBR &“The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents,” by Julie Battilana and Tiziana Casciaro.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019