Ask for Feedback Before Taking That Job

It's tempting to start fresh with a new company in the hopes of advancing your career. But finding great success by jumping ship may be more myth than reality. Managers often sign on to a new job out of frustration, only to run into the same problems they faced in their prior organization. If you're getting ready to take a shiny new job because you're not moving forward in your current company, don't act until you get honest feedback. Find out how you are perceived by those who make promotional decisions in your company. What skills have you demonstrated? Which do you need to develop? Is there anything holding you back? This input may help you uncover some of the leadership challenges you face, which will likely follow you to any new job. Before you make that move, find out what you're up against.

Source: Harvard Business Review -Today's Management Tip was adapted from "When to Leave Your Company to Advance Your Career" by John Beeson.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019