3 Ways to Get People to Change

You can change strategy, products, and processes all you want, but real change doesn't take hold until your employees actually change what they do every day. That's easier said than done. Here are three ways to take on the challenge:

Embrace the power of one. People need clear direction. If you bombard them with eight values or twelve competencies you want them to practice, expect the status quo. Instead, focus on changing one behavior at a time.

Paint a vivid picture. Use stories, metaphors, pictures, and physical objects to compare "where we are now" to the new vision of the future. This taps into people's emotions, a powerful lever for change.

Activate peer pressure. Peers can set expectations, shame others, or provide role models. Ask your employees to set high standards and put pressure on one another to stick to the new rules.

Source: Harvard Business Review - Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Ten Ways to Get People to Change" by Morten T. Hansen.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019