No Time for a Vacation? Take a Minibreak.


Planning for a vacation can be exhausting, which is why shorter “minibreaks” are so useful. For example, taking a short trip, two to three days long, to somewhere local can help you relax without requiring a lot of planning or logistics. (A minibreak is also useful if a longer trip just isn’t practical for you right now.) To make the time as refreshing as possible, leave town early on Friday so that you have an extra day to explore the area. Or you might take a single vacation day and use it to reconnect with friends, meeting some for lunch and getting together with others after they finish their workday. These short breaks may not have all the benefits of a big vacation, when you can completely disconnect for a week or two, but they still give you the feeling of having “room to breathe” — and you can take them a lot more often.

Nick Kalikajaros 2019